Estate Planning

A well planned estate will permit your loved ones to step into your shoes in a peaceful, harmonious and just manner that will help them remain together as a family and remember you fondly. We will guide you through the decisions you will face to ensure that your estate will provide the smoothest transition possible for your family and will incur the least tax consequences.

Estate Planning is the process of building, managing and disposing of your estate. The process should begin as early as possible in your life and should include advice from your attorney, accountant, insurance representative and financial planner/broker. At a bare minimum, your attorney should prepare a will, a general power of attorney and an advance medical directive for you. No matter the size of your estate, you should have these documents.

A general power of attorney and advance medical directive control who makes financial and medical decisions on your behalf should you be unable to do so during your life. A will settles questions regarding who will be the guardian of your young children, and who will settle your financial affairs and how at your passing. If you do not make these important decisions when you are able to do so, then the court will make them for you.

A will should address the two major themes that dominate poorly planned estates:

  1. control
  2. conflict

Either one of these issues can plunge your family into abject adversity and darken your legacy in their minds forever. More complex estates may require trusts, planning for loved ones with special needs (including special needs or supplemental needs trusts), and other strategies to fulfill your goals.

Once we have devised a plan together, we can prepare any documents needed to set it into place. We are also equipped to walk with you through the stressful task of probating and administering an estate.