Business and Commercial Law

Forming and operating a business today often seems like a difficult undertaking. The complexities of business formations, transactions, contracts, employment agreements, commercial loans and business transfers are daunting. At Duling Law Firm PLC we understand the challenges that small and mid-sized business owners face. We also understand the time, effort and commitment that you put into your business. We share that commitment to your business' success.

Our goal is to provide personalized attention to your business. We spend the time with our clients necessary to understand their individualized needs. We address our clients' concerns and we ask the necessary questions. We know that businesses are not operated in a vacuum. You have families and lives that are often intertwined with your business ventures. Understanding your legal needs both as an individual and as a business owner is crucial to providing high quality service and advice.

Additionally, estate planning services are often crucial to designing an effective business structure. You have worked hard for your business. You should decide who benefits from your efforts after you have passed. Our attorneys are experienced in estate planning and in designing business and estate plans that work hand in hand.

That is why we create relationships with our clients. We get to know our clients and we continue to remain available long after your initial matter is resolved.

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